The Moral Dilemma

The war was finally over. ‘The Empire‘ was burnt to ashes by a mere bunch of geeks whose sheer existence was belittled by them. Ram, the face of their rebellion was now on a plane, flying to discuss the terms of the settlement with Ravan, the CEO of ‘The Empire‘. As everyone in the next room was celebrating the triumph of the good over evil, Laxman sank in his chair, gazing mindlessly at the screen as his code breached the final firewall. Even if Ram was the face of the rebellion, Laxman was the man who was admired the most by everyone, for he was the architect of this rebellion. But he didn’t want to be the part of either the celebration or mourning, all he wanted was to vanish from the face of this universe. His mind was caught up in the fray. Laxman faced the moral dilemma whether to aid Ram who was more than a blood brother to him or follow the righteous path.

But the definition of right was a twisted tale of its own. His mind was clouded with questions. Was this really the triumph of the good over evil? What is evil? Was this just revenge? The most important of all was ‘Who the real Ram was: the person glorified by his acts which made him the epitome of truth and discipline or the real charisma filled with rage and vengeance‘. The flames of Rama’s vengeance had left many scared for lives. For the first time in his life, he was witnessing what it felt to be powerless, his mind was struggling to keep up with the events.  The train of his thoughts was broken by the pat on his shoulder; It was Ram “Let’s go. It’s time to meet him.” And they left to meet Ravan…

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