A-Z of my Tattoo

The tattoo is a mixture of many tribal cultures such as Maori, Aztec and Indian. It me took almost a year to gather the elements and design the tattoo, after that the hunt began for an artist who would understand it and was willing to do justice to the tattoo. One fine day, one of my friend’s suggested (insisted) to visit Vrishali at Saby’s tattoo studio in Koregaon Park. The tattoo designed by me was in very crude state, with only the elements in proper place. After discussions with her, she made few modifications to it and took it to a next level.

People have been asking me the meaning of the tattoo, so here’s the detailed meaning of the elements in my tattoo:

DSC_0320.jpgA. Batman logo with circuit:

Short meaning: Justice and circuit.

Detailed meaning: I have been a batman fan since childhood, and fascinated by his methodologies and contingency plans. Also I’m a software developer by profession; So what better way to merge your hero and your profession.

B. Ani Enata:

Short meaning: Ancestors

Detailed meaning: In Maori culture Overstylized enata joined together in a row of people holding hands form the motif called ani ata, which translates to “cloudy sky”. Rangi (Heaven) and Papa (Earth) once laid closely embracing each other and their children lived between them in darkness until deified men forced them apart by pushing Rangi up to let the light in. This concept of a row related to the sky is present throughout all Polynesian languages and a row of enata in a semicircle is commonly used to represent the sky as well as the ancestors guarding upon their descendants.

C. Sanskrit sholk:

नाभिषेको न संस्कारः सिंहस्य क्रियते वने ।
विक्रमार्जितसत्त्वस्य स्वयमेव मृगेंद्रता ॥

Na Abhisheko, Na Samskraha; Simhasya kriyate vanae
Vikramarjita satvasya svayameva mrugendrata
Short meaning: There is no official coronation ceremony held to declare lion king of jungle. He becomes king by his own attributes and heroic actions

Detailed meaning: It’s my inspiration to be the Lion of the jungle.

D. Hammerhead shark motif:

Short meaning: Tenacity, strength, determination and sociability.

Detailed meaning: Those are my traits. (Hold on, more bragging to follow ahead!)

E. Marquesan cross:

Short meaning: Balance and harmony

Detailed meaning: It also resembles the Hindu symbol of sun and has similar meanings, ranging from eternity to harmony and balance between the elements. For me it resembles balance in my life and harmony.

F. Fish hook:

Short meaning: Knowledge, intelligence, a promise, prosperity

Detailed meaning: It resembles my quest for knowledge. A promise to someone special and a hope to gain prosperity.

G. Turtle:

Short meaning: Health, fertility, long life, strong foundation, peace, the navigator

Detailed meaning: It resembles my strong foundation and navigation, not only in my journey of life, but also the other journeys that quite frequently undertake. It is for my turtle named Leo.

H. All seeing Eye:

Short meaning: Protection from unseen dangers

Detailed meaning: As the meaning suggests its for protection from unseen dangers that lurk around me all the time. (Not being a paranoid!)

I. Lion:

Short meaning: Power, loyalty, nobility and courage.

Detailed meaning: The main reason to include lion was to support with the Sanskrit Shlok. Along with the meaning of shlok, it also represents my traits such as loyalty, courage and nobility. Also the ability to grasp power.

J. Coupled-Ipu:

Short meaning: Marriage.

Detailed meaning: Hold your horses on this one!

K. Assassins Creed Logo:

Short meaning: Brotherhood, Letter A (‘Aniket’ Brother’s name)

Detailed meaning: We, me and my brother, share a similar kind of brotherhood shared by assassins, and ‘A’ also happens to be the initial of his name (unfortunately)


L. Standing stones:

Short meaning: Achievements.

Detailed meaning: There are many milestones I have achieved so far. (and there are many stones other than the highlighted one!)

M, N, S,T and U. Shark teeth:

Short meaning: protection, guidance and strength, fierceness, the warrior, and adaptability.

Detailed meaning: Protection for family and my loved ones. Also protection in water (I have had my share of near drowning experiences!). I have fought my way until here, hence the warrior. I can adapt to new changes, hence adaptability. Fierceness, don’t try on that note!

O and P. Sea waves:

Short meaning: Life, change and continuity.

Detailed meaning: I love sea. Its vastness makes you feel how puny you are and hammers humility in you. Sea can be a great synonym for life, no matter how turbulent the sea is, after a certain time it calms down. Same can be applied to life, no matter how many difficulties you face, if you are persistent enough, you will sail through it.

Q. Letter P :

Short meaning: Maorigram of P (‘Pushpa’ Mother’s name).

Detailed meaning: The woman who made me what I’m today and for that I’m forever in her debt.

R. Braid :

Short meaning: Family.

Detailed meaning: The ancestors are the beginning of the cord of a family, with the other end representing the new born babies. The cord will grow longer with new generations, but ancestors will always remain a part of it and they shall maintain their importance for the strength of the rope. We should not forget our ancestors and traditions or our cord will become smaller and weaker.  DSC_0822.jpg

V. Letter R:

Short meaning: Maorigram of R (‘Ramchandra’ father’s name).

Detailed meaning: Every child’s first hero and the role model. Still following his footstep.


W. Spiral Koru:

Short meaning: Continuity of life, new beginning.

Detailed meaning: The word koru means “fold, loop” and it is used to identify the pattern of the unfolding fern frond. As many of you know, it’s a new beginning in my life.

X. Enata:

Short meaning: Family members.

Detailed meaning: Those five figures represents each member of my family, with me in center.

Y. Spear-heads:

Short meaning: Fight, Enemies defeated.

Detailed meaning: Don’t worry, those do not represent actual fist fights. Not that, I haven’t been in them, but those don’t deem that importance in my life. And enemies defeated are the enemies, within me as well as the other few individuals (Do not come to me asking for names!).

Z. The path of Kamehameha:

Short meaning: A challenging path.

Detailed meaning: Kamehameha was a renowned Hawaiian chief and this motif called
“the path of Kamehameha” is usually used to represent a trail, a challenging path. Just adding years to life, don’t amount to anything, it should be full of challenges. When you encounter a challenge only then your true worth is revealed.


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