The shift in paradigm: Part 1

Devas and Asuras were locked head-on, in yet another of their petty battles. The Devas were heavily equipped with celestial weapons, whereas the Asura army had god-killer weapons. As a part of the peace treaty, either of the force was prohibited to trespass. The city of Kailash, the only common point between the upper and underworld realms was ravaged by constant conflicts between the Devas and Asuras. A human family was engulfed in this battle, neither the Devas nor the Asuras bothered about them. The family prayed to all the gods to save them, but the gods themselves were busy in the battle. One of the celestial weapons missed its mark and was souring at them; in a desperate effort to save the only child both the parents laid their lives. The child was petrified of the horror of gruesome death his parents met. His horror soon turned into anger; anger, piled up by the uncharted violence of these celestial beings, the anger of the loss of human life for no apparent reason at all, the child gave out a loud shriek, but no one cared about this small child’s painful cries. The child clenched his fists and stood up with the burning resolve in his eyes to stop this violence for once and for all. He looked up at the sky, where the celestial beings were fighting oblivious to the child’s presence and with all his might shouted, “STOP!” An enormous amount of the aura started transmitting from the child. The aura, so powerful that it stopped not only the Asuras but also the mighty devas in their tracks. They were paralyzed, unable to move even after applying their entire strength, barely maintaining the consciousness. The source of Aura was so bright that even the mighty Surya; the sun god had to avert his eyes. Suddenly, the ground began to shake and a thunderstruck on the battlefield, at the epicenter of the aura. Cracks appeared from the ground beneath. Fear and panic ensued as the ground shook up and down as if the entire place suddenly fell from the sky and struck the earth with a mighty impact. All of them scrambled up to their feet but most immediately lost balance, in the sheer panic they ran as far away as possible from the site. Everyone, equipped with any kind of weapon aimed at the source of the Aura but the weapons evaporated before they could penetrate any further, creating a thick cloud of smoke and rubble.

The smoke cleared and the dust settled, the child appeared, with rage burning through his eyes, the sheer ferocity of his eyes was enough to set the world on fire. It looked as if he would devour the entire world in his rage. A trident had appeared in his left hand out of nowhere. He then struck the trident on the ground, causing the entire hill to collapse in a single blow. The shock waves shattered the glasses of the windows, the houses standing tall even after the centuries of battles began to crumble. Every celestial being in the vicinity, simply evaporated. The others on the battlefield either in the air or on the ground were sent off flying a few miles away.

Parts of the city were still ablaze. All the once green lands were no more than ash and charcoal. The air was heavy with the smell of burnt flesh and smoke hung in a haze that partially obscured the blood-red sun. The war between the Asuras and the Devas was not a new site for the citizens of Kailash. This time the destruction was extensive, but who would argue with the almighty gods or the beastly Asuras. The citizens were helping each other to scrape what remained of their city, astonished to see the mighty Devas running for their life, all battered in blood and horrified beyond measure. One of the elderly men asked the last of the fleeing Devas, “What’s wrong? What happened? Did the Asuras win?” He whispered, “Rudra…the almighty has emerged…” Everyone was distracted as the ground began to shake again; the battlefield seemed to be the epicenter of the shockwaves. Rudra’s roar echoed in all the realms, sending a chill up the spine of every celestial being for Rudra, the destroyer was born!

To be continued….