War over me!

As I settled in my chair after completely roasting one of my colleagues, an angelic alter ego in me resented at the course of actions I took, “You use criticism as a weapon of destruction. You absolutely destroyed John, just for the sake of revenge and satisfaction.”

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Feelings or thoughts?

what comes first? Feelings or thoughts?

It has to be feelings. If it were thoughts, my trained brain in the manner of the world would have deleted them – like a virus on the computer. It has to be the feelings. They are born inside you and become the breath you breathe.


Life promises such beautiful things / shows just beautiful dreams and I always believe in magic and dreams. I may not have that dream /magic as a reality I take to my death bed but honestly why not? And if practicality denies me the dream as a reality for ever – why can’t I have it for a certain time at least?

War of Sleep and Day Dreaming

There is a war going on between sleep and day dreaming. It is so difficult to be the judge because both of them are a part of me.

Sleep beckons promising to make me live one step near an impossible reality. Just then day dreaming shouts back, “Sleep is simply trying to lure you! You will wake up with a just hazed memory” A memory nevertheless! And if I daydream? I don’t have to fall asleep at all. I can live the feeling!

But I just heard sleep say “Mind you dear girl, it’s just going to be a feeling. I promise you at least a memory.”

The rational intellect in me chuckles at this dispute and decides to retire with a silent prayer of love and well-being for my beloved.